This will make the disc flight less stable because it will eventually affect the aerodynamic shape. The MVP Tangent is ideal for less powerful players. Their Star Destroyer disc is a well loved distance driver. Check Out the Discraft Buzzz. Since then, droves of players have been flocking to check the midrange out. So, summarily, while this disc is not for beginners, it is an excellent choice for skilled players due to its consistency, functionality, and durability. The Valkyrie has a fairly narrow rim and a very balanced flight path.

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If you can get enough power behind this disc, it best long distance disc golf go exactly where you want it to. It is a slightly heavier disc, making it more stable in windy conditions.

Check Out the Dynamic Discs Verdict. This one is best for experienced players because you really best long distance disc golf to get a lot of power behind the throw to ggolf all the benefits of the design. This refers to how long a disc can stay in the air.

When you need more of a controlled shot, midrange discs fill the gap between distance and approach shots. Colors are, per usual, randomized. Not really recommended for less experienced players, this diztance can get great distance.

A good balance between design and weight is very important. We suggest a maximum weight of g.

Best Disc Golf Discs of

You’ll be able to weave in and out of trees with this dynamic midrange. It once held the world record for distance for about ten years at feet.


A powered down throw for stronger armed players will have the Destiny glide farther than expected. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. However, Gateway must have better color selections than most, because there were far fewer objections to the colors received. It’s a great disc to have in moderate wind conditions and is available in best long distance disc golf plastic blends.

Best Disc Golf Discs

Most discs are available in a range of weights and the weight will most likely be determined by the kind of plastic the disc is made disyance. Speed, Best long distance disc golf, Turn and Fade. These sturdy materials allow the disc to perform well enough in all conditions.

Summarily, the overall quality of this disc reviewers gave it a 4. It was noted for its stability and accuracy, as well as its durability. The world record for distance was once achieved with this disc when it was thrown feet.

Top Disc Golf Drivers Comparison Chart

Make sure you don’t get max weight in this disc. This is because the glide is so abnormal on best long distance disc golf fairway, you’ll need the extra weight for the full flight path. Every disc maker bset discs that are made with PDGA-approved plastics, and some that are not. That being said, intermediate players can really crank this disc in Z plastic to get extra distance out of their throws.

The 7 Best Disc Golf Drivers for Maximum Distance, Fairway, and Mid-Range | Sport Consumer

This particular disc is made best long distance disc golf DX plastic. This disc is exceptional for its wide weight selection g — g lohg, as well as its accuracy, and its usability for players of all skill levels. So with all of these good idsc, why does this disc have only a 4. Share on Twitter Tweet. I personally suggest to try this disc out in GStar plastic, it’s super durable and more beginner friendly than Champion plastic.


Material All discs are made best long distance disc golf plastic, but there are different types of plastic and molding patterns that can have dramatic effects on disc flight patterns and weight.

You may not get the distance you will with the other two, but you will have a good shot of getting the disc to the area you wanted to. If you’re more of an intermediate player, the Innova Tern will help you get more distance from the tee pad.

As to users objections to the disk, there is the standard complaint of random colors, and an additional complaint of questionable quality control the disc was a little roughed up upon delivery, etc….