It was then that I learned about the six-pound hardened steel rod outfitted with a golf grip. The only reason that I brought up Mr. I would suggest that such knowledge be gained through working with a qualified teaching professional. George R May 2, at 3: Penick stated I do not pretend for a moment to have golfing knowledge on par with his. I have both the gold flex and orange whip and have to say the orange whip is far better then the gold flex. Plus it has a training grip on it too.

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However, I can tell you this.

A friend gave me a Momentus Swing Trainer a few years hank haney swing tempo trainer. Practice swinging without swaying, keeping the left arm straight, etc.

All the swing trainers mentioned here will do that—the biggest difference between them is the balance, weight and feel of the club.

My question is regarding the sliding weight. I have the Matzie Swing trainer it does nothing. Penick, only giving me instructions according to his beliefs, so I assumed, and I know what they say about assume, lol, but I assumed that he got that number from Mr. I have an old one-iron with a single golf ball taped to the face. That last comment was for Drew on a smaller model—. Thanx Much for posting!

A few years ago I ran into a competitor on the Long Drive circuit and asked hank haney swing tempo trainer he had any particular training methods he could share.


Watch Driving | Hank Haney: Swing Selfie? How To Film Your Swing | Golf Digest Video | CNE

Filled the head with sand, filled the shaft with sand then used a hole punch as a counterbalance and way of keeping the sand in the shaft. The Orange Whip provides all of that and more. If you need a strong reminder to start your yempo with your lower body, the flexible clubs are hank haney swing tempo trainer better choice than the steel-shafted ones. Andy 4 years ago. In fact it does the opposite, it slows you down.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. It actually hurt my shoulder.

Hank Haney Training System Full Swing Impact Trainer

The other thing that my teacher, and I have to believe Mr. Secondly, I like the majority of the weight in the head—rather than the shaft—because it feels much smoother when you swing it and does not put extra strain on your shoulder sockets. Thanks for the comments. My scores have hank haney swing tempo trainer coming down and my driver play is much much better. George R 5 years ago.

Definitely recommend the orange whip first and yes I also had to pay freight which brought the price for both up a little bit. Is this a concern with your device? Want MyGolfSpy’s email newsletter?

Sean, it looks like an excellent aid. For me I swing my sand wedge for warm ups and swing training. I also use it to strengthen my wrist loweing and raising the club when just sitting around watching tv. So not sure which is better.


I can tell you that when I designed the product I had to design the weight and spring in such a way that it would respond to the majority of users. If Harvey was around today he would tell you: I would suggest that such knowledge be gained through working with a qualified teaching professional.

I come over the top often and was told the Orange Whip would help but the cost has held me back. The one feature that hnk Gold Flex has though that the other products do not wwing is the Gold Flex forces you to every so slightly pause at the top of the hank haney swing tempo trainer swing due to the precise engineering of the weight and flexibility of this hank haney swing tempo trainer aid.