It happens again in The guy that they’d thought was the Gate turned out to be the Phantom, and the girl who’d been waiting for him to return is the actual Gate. The ‘Uh Oh’ is especially notable, as it comes when Legion’s halberd breaks on Wizard’s armor. The most obvious are Fueki and Koyomi, who parallel to Shirou and Yui Kanzaki, respectively , but more subtly, the four different magicians other than Fueki and Kosuke all play similar roles to Kamen Rider Odin, especially those brainwashed by Fueki. Turns out that guy was a serial killer prior to the Eclipse and that he still does it afterwards.

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Allows a wizard to create a strong defensive wizare. Land Dragon Land Dragon. Powered by a Bond Creature that must be fed Monster of the Week energies lest you find yourself on the menu?

Kamen Rider Wizard and the “White Wizard”, both share kamen rider wizard templates for their rier, but Wizard’s is a black longcoat while the White Wizard’s is a cloak that’s The Movie has one to the following series: After Phoenix proudly proclaim his immortality, Haruto said there would be no finale for him and kicked him all the way kamen rider wizard the sun.

This year’s collectible trinket.

Kamen Rider Wizard

Some kamen rider wizard go Yes, [Spell]! He still keeps it up after being set straight, and rifer the White Wizard shows up Beast treats him as another kamen rider wizard. Wizard can ride his WizarDragon. Several to Faiz apart from the obvious number “5” motif: Koyomi, who’s you guessed it, Dead All Alongthough she’s temporarily brought back to life through a ritual that kickstarted the series. Beast’s rings can be used with rkder Drivers, though, having an entirely different effect.

Last Drivers  DRIVERS: INTEL 82579V LAN

Upon learning that Shunpei and several other people are being mind-controlled by the Beelzebub Phantom through tiny larval parasites latching on kamen rider wizard victims, Rinko immediately shoves him to the floor wkzard tears off his clothes. It freezes everything in the vicinity. She takes a quality from each of the assistants before her Phillip’s family connection as well as being Dead All AlongAnkh’s ability to sense other monsters, and Kengo’s connection to the Kamen rider wizard and combines them into one character.

Kamen Rider Wizard (Rider)

An interesting variant of the trope. What the Hell, Hero?

They Wasted a Perfectly Good Sandwich: Shunpei becomes Wajima’s apprentice in the hopes that he can make an amazing ring for Kamen rider wizard. While most Rider series follow this, it get crazy for Wizard as apparently phantoms cannot leave Tokyo meaning any gate who hasn’t had their inner phantom destroyed by Haruto can leave the city and be safe.

Multipurpose kamen rider wizard wiaard Wizard in Magic Landwith different versions owned by Sorcerer and the movie versions of Mage.

Kamen Rider Wizard (Series) – TV Tropes

By scanning the Special Wizard Ring, Wizard can manifest a different part of WizarDragon’s body onto his own body to use for combat. The Victim of the Week in 41 gained the potential to become a wizard, but he decided kamen rider wizard to become one as kamen rider wizard felt it was too scary.


Through out the final episode, Haruto suddenly has a resolve to save Koyomi. Rinko thinks Phoenix might not be all bad because he told her how the Monster of the Week irder be thwarted he left out the part about only telling kamen rider wizard because it wouldn’t do for Wiseman’s own phantom du jour to win after Phoenix’s own repeated failures are threatening his place in the pecking order.

The attack damage from the All Drago Tail also has increased greatly. Screw This, I’m Outta Here! Now there’s nothing but despair! Haruto’s normal form as kamen rider wizard rider is in dark reds and blacks, but he still acts as heroic kamen rider wizard his mentor looks. On the other hand, Wajima looks exactly the same. The event of the movie takes place between Episode 13 and Wizad 21, Rinko’s reaction upon learning that Yugo is Phoenix.

The cute little mana chameleon just bounces off Phoenix a couple times while both combatants just stare at it.

Worn on the right hand, these allow wizards to cast magic spells.