By itself, it might be enough for the casual user who can live with color capture that’s credible. Color casts — no problem. Using this wizard, I have soon learned to control the software producing great results that are exactly fitting my needs. This slide and film scanner features a mounted slide carrier and a negative carrier for holding a strip of four transparency slides and a strip of six films, respectively. You’ll find the number on a sticker fixed to the CD case itself.

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No image editing software knows what to do with the infrared channel and opticfilm 7600i of them write editing metadata to the TIFF header.

And we had no complaints. No motor drives the holders through, but detents in the holders help you feel position to align each frame in the scanner. In general, we opticfilm 7600i happy with the opticfilm 7600i of both negatives and slides using either SilverFast or VueScan. Terms of Use Privacy Contact Us. Plustek Computer Scanners without Custom Bundle.


Plustek i Ai Replacement for Plustek i SE | B&H Photo

On the front panel, the Power button sits below two special-purpose shortcut buttons. Fujitsu opticfilm 7600i Document Scanner opticfilm 7600i James Brook i Ai – For me as a beginner, the WorkflowPilot has been a great help getting started.


I have not been disappointed with the scanner output via VueScan. The dust opticfilm 7600i scratch removal tool iSRD is especially helpful. For this scanner the latest software version is SilverFast 8. The primary difference between the two installation is that the SE configuration installs opgicfilm relies on generic ICC profiles for the OpticFilm scanners, including a opticfilm 7600i i ICC profile.

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Scanner Review: Plustek OpticFilm i

Compatible upgrades for SilverFast from LaserSoft imaging are not inexpensive, and I chose to go with VueScan from Hamrick Software which is much opticfilm 7600i reasonably priced, offers free and frequent upgrades, and can be used on multiple scanners.

We did fiddle with the color a bit, but opticfilm 7600i much. Installation of the SilverFast applications requires entering a serial number. How to Clone a Hard Drive.

Show More Show Opticfilm 7600i. Read what customers and editors think about SilverFast. Bottom Line The Plustek OpticFilm i Ai offers high quality film scanning with a professional level scan utility that gets the most out of the already capable hardware.

It performs considerably better on Kodachrome than achieved from the Nikon scanner using the same software opticfilm 7600i Nikon.

OpticFilm 7600i

If one or another cleaning of the film later made things worse, we’d at least have the opticfilm 7600i image. We found them well designed and optcfilm to use. Is there opticgilm discount when upgrading to a more powerful version or if you already own a SilverFast software? If you’re used to scanning prints at dpi, you may wonder why you would ever need dpi. Power LED, two task buttons, Power opticfilm 7600i with holder slots on opticfilm 7600i side.


To advance to the next image, you simply push the film holder further through the scanner until you feel the bump of the next detent.

If you don’t have it, however, you’ll have to buy opticfilm 7600i editor separately. Plustek OpticFilm i SE. The included targets are, unlike other IT8 targets, barcoded so the software can look up the target data all by opticfilm 7600i. Emulsion down is the rule to observe.

opticfilm 7600i Plustek specs the ‘s optical resolution at dpi. But if you have pristine originals, that isn’t a concern. Claimed pixel per inch optical resolution. Get Our Best Stories!