Since when do I need 2 LEO licences for 1 robotic library with one or more tape drives? Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. I resign myself to being told. Create a small directory and. Shouldn’t one drive be disabled, when the license is exceeded? You are getting compression. Try it by erasing the tape.

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I have not done any changes in Symantec backup exec 2010 r3 tape Exec options or Media properties. But anybody can tell why the capacity of tapes was not utilized fully instead only half. If Symantec reply to this post please recognise that there are many, many similar posts to this one and one common feature – Symantec BE software is being used!

I have been using Backup Exec R3 for quite sometime, but last week backup ends with only using the tapes to half capacity only i.

Solved Go to solution. Do you see any alert in the alerts tab waiting for your response. Allthough I explicitly clicked the right mouse button on the Gape [ Symantec backup exec R3, tape drive keeps going offline.

Last Drivers  C4280 PRINTER DRIVER

If its Win2K3, make sure that the Removable Storage service is stopped and disabled. Backup Server 1 will be discarded. The only other way is to consider bar code rules and assign these to the drives themselves.


I will post the results here, when finished! Then we assign those blank tapes to the same media set. I’ve ran the backup last night, but it was queued because the first tape was full Could this be something to do with disabling user accounts on AD for old members of staff?

There is no alert presented from Symantec Backup Exec Because, the barcode rules I configured are not visible at the drive property under ‘Media Types’. Hi, changing the setting from. When I enable both drives, the inventory job uses both drives, allthough I explicitly used the inventory command on the MSL [ Why are you repeating what I have said earlier? Erase a tape through the utility, stop the BE symantec backup exec 2010 r3 tape, and try a write test.

Not the other way around Your help is much appreciated.

Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Hi, if you have a second drive, do you have an extra Library Expansion Option license to enable that?


What’s going wrong here? I always thought the LEO license is for the library and not for the drives, so no matter how many tape drives are installed, one LEO license is enough?

Backup Exec R3 is not using tapes to full capacity with encryption enabled. Also using fibre going from tandberg to FC switch. This is a new Storageloader, so I have no reason to suspect the tape drive.

When you associate them with the target media, they immediately follow the OPP of the media set and became write protected. Before i was getting around GB space from the same size tape. See my comments in this discussion on how you should combine compression and encryption. Ok guys, here we symantec backup exec 2010 r3 tape Extra LEO license for the second drive IT wouldnt even show up in device manager so i couldnt rezone it.

You are getting compression.